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The Geiger-Lund Asparagus Harvester is a Game Changer! Here is why... Harvests asparagus for as little as 7 cents a pound! Works on any asparagus field with single width planting Works with any tractor The machine orients the spears in the lug boxes Estimated Price: $75,000 (Subject to change without notice) The cost per acre to harvest asparagus with the model OR-2017 asparagus harvester running at 3 mph on a field with 60 inch row centers with 45 cutting days is about $650 per acre. Harvesting 3,000 pounds per acre will cost about 22 cents a pound. Harvesting 5,000 pounds per acre would cost 13 cents a pound. Hitch 3 machines to the tractor and the cost per acre to harvest drops to about $330 per acre and your harvesting costs for a 5,000 pound per acre yield is about 7 cents per pound! Let's say you have an asparagus field that is yielding 4,000 pounds per acre, and it is costing you 40 cents a pound to harvest. Let's further assume that you are making 10 cents per pound profit. So you are making a profit of about $400 per acre. Now let's say you use a one-row machine to harvest your crop and it saves you 20 cents per pound, but you only get 75% yield. Your harvesting savings is added to your per pound profit which is now 30 cents per pound. Your new yield is only 3,000 pounds per acre but your profit is now $900 per acre! If you use a 3 row machine (three machines pulled by one tractor) your profit per acre jumps to $1200 an acre. A one row machine on 60 inch centers at 3 mph and running 20 hours per day will cover about 35 acres per day. A three row machine would cover over 100 acres per day. According to a UC Extension Service document (form 2013), a man can harvest about 1/2 acre per hour. At 1/2 acre per hour per man, 10 men can harvest 5 acres per hour. So if the 100 acres has to be cut every day, it would take 20 men working 10 hours, or 10 men working 20 hours in one day. A three row machine, or three machines pulled by one tractor, at 3 mph on 60 inch centers covers 1.8 acres per hour times 3, or a little over 5 acres per hour. This means the machine can replace 10 men per shift. If you run the machine for two shifts you are replacing 20 men with 2 tractor drivers.

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