Support Center

  • Why power Cozmo?

    Power Cozmo has a highly skilled staff ready to serve you. To learn more about power Cozmo visit our Why us? page and Welcome to power Cozmo page.

  • What services does Power Cozmo provide?

    • Sell & Buy Used and surplus power equipment
    • Overhaul & rehabilitation.
    • Reallocation and setup, For more information visit Our services pages.

  • How do I list an item I want to sell?

    To list an item through Power Cozmo you must first to register in site by clicking on register button in the top of page . Then you can list your equipment from your own dashboard , Equipment should be honestly described and pictures attached. The selling price should be in US dollars or Euro . A qualified staff person will contact you to go over the details, answer any questions and finalize the commission structure. When the agreement is signed your item is posted to the web site.

  • How do I buy a listed item?

    You can click on buying now button and fill out the form and we contact you shortly , also if you have any raised question or need price negotiation with seller you can do that through our automated platform

  • I’m looking for an item that is not on your equipment for sale list.

    If you are looking for an item we do not currently have on our inventory list simply You can fill out the “Buying request form Eby clicking on buying request button found in the top of the page. We will notify you as soon as it becomes available.

  • How do I pay for an item?

    Payment can be made by Wire transfer , or by Letter of credit (L\C).

  • As a buyer, what other costs might I have to pay over and above the listed or negotiated price?

    The cost for shipping, insurance and applicable sales tax, unless agreed otherwise, will be at your expense and will be included with your item payment. If there are any other costs they will be negotiated and documented in your seller/buyer agreement.

  • How do I figure out shipping?

    We are provided the weight and physical dimensions of the item to be shipped so that shipping costs can be calculated and quoted. If the item being shipped is in more than one package the number of packages with their individual weights and dimensions will be made known.

  • Does Power Cozmo ship internationally?

    Yes. Power Cozmo services all markets both domestic and international and can containerize and crate all machinery for export.

  • Should I be concerned about purchasing used equipment?

    No. Remember, every piece of equipment in your plant is a piece of used equipment. You should not hesitate to buy used equipment from a reliable source.

  • Do I have the right to return an equipment?

    Yes. Most machines come with our "right to return policy E visit our Warranty and Returns Policy page for more information.

  • Can I trade in a machine?

    Yes. If the machine is of good quality, there is nothing wrong with "horse trading."