How we work?

Power Cozmo platform is simple, safe, realistic you can sell thorough below simple steps:

  • 1

    Register on Power Cozmo

    You simply register in Power Cozmo, Then Go to your awesome dashboard And post your equipment to buyers by click on "Add New Listing" you will be asked to add description, price and photograph of the item you wish to sell. After that your item is published on our website. If it is need We contact you to gather any further information and to answer any raised questions.

  • Start Receiving questions & offers

    When an interested party see your Item. He may at this time ask any questions raised or pass on any offers made by him, then you will reply to his question or offers directly from your dashboard. You and potentials buyer can communicate directly through our automated platform.

  • 3

    Start Finalizing the deal - Signing agreements

    When the Potential Buyer is satisfied and the price is agreed, a seller/buyer agreement is sent to the buyer and seller. The buyer is asked to return the signed agreement along with the payment which will be deposited in our Customer Trust Account. Also We agree on the commission structure and length of commitment and forward you a Sales Agent Agreement.

  • Prepare item for shipping

    While the payment is clearing the bank you will be sent the seller/buyer contract to sign and return. You should be preparing the item for shipment at this time. Power Cozmo can assist with this process. see our servicess.

  • 5

    Get your money in your account

    Within 24 hours after the item is received by the buyer you will be sent payment less any commission, bank charges, taxes, shipping and Added Services or other costs directly incurred by Power Cozmo for that particular transaction.

  • 1

    Search & find your equipment

    First find the plant or the equipment you are interested in on our web site and click on ask the seller question button if you want further information. The Seller will get your massage and answer you directly through our Automated system also you will get copy of the answer in your mail inbox.

  • Make an offer

    Once you get all your questions answered click in “Make an offer button "and start on price negotiation

  • 3

    Start Finalizing the deal - Sign agreements

    When an offer is accepted and the price agreed, a seller/buyer agreement will be sent to you. You will at that time sign and return the agreement along with the payment which will be placed in our Customer Trust Account. For big projects we will accept Transferable L\C.Power Cozmo can assign third party inspector ex Bureau Veritas to make inspection for equipment. Optional See our services

  • Prepare item for shipping

    After seller sign the agreement Our logistic department will arrange with seller to get the materials prepared to shipping.

  • 5

    Get your shipping document and receive the Item

    Power Cozmo will send you shipping documents within materials expected arrival date. Money will be paid to seller within 24 hours from materials delivered to you.

  • 1


    T\T cash transfer to our Trusted costumer account.

  • L\C

    Transferable Irrevocable Confirmed L\C for big projects.


The commission due from you and payable by you to us shall be calculated by taking your total Sales Proceeds at the close of a transaction and applying such total toward the appropriate listing status and price range delineated below.

Sellers who list items on an exclusive basis will enjoy a %20 discount from the non-exclusive rate. The following table outlines the declining commission schedule for Power Cozmo.

  • 10%
    $0 to $249,000
  • 8%
    $250,000 to $499,000
  • 6%
    $500,000 and Overr
  • 20%
    Discount for Exclusive Sellers