Why power Cozmo?

Why sell Power Cozmo?

100% commission based structure

if we don’t sell your equipment you pay Nothing.

Easy, painless processes.

Anyone can list equipment for sale, and get purchase bids, negotiate and complete transactions on our secure Automated system  Eyou just need to create a free account

Global Reach.

We successfully market equipment worldwide on our filtered database and other best promotion tools.

Secure escrow process

Seller does not release equipment until Power Cozmo has received full payment. We do not release payment to the seller until the buyer receives the equipment in the advertised condition.


No limits

No limit on the number of photos and
information provided by sellers.

Secure and safe processes

Your money is held by power cozmo and only released to the seller after the dispute deadline has passed.

Open, transparent negotiations

Our Automated online negotiation system puts the fairness into private sale. You can ask seller questions and get answers, make offers to sellers in open secure system.

Convenient services

Buyers can take advantage of other power Cozmo services. equipment financing, transportation, refurbishing, rehabilitation, third party inspection and other services

Find out How we protect you?

Find out How we protect you?

  • Trusted costumer account service to protect your cash.
  • Third party inspection.
  • Unlimited Questions and Answers.
  • Unlimited photos and videos for the best online view.

How we market your equipment.

There's a big difference between a simple online listing and active marketing. When you sell on power Cozmo you reach every potential buyer—local and international, so you get the best results. We have a massive database of qualified buyers, and we target them with multi-channel, multi-lingual marketing, including:

  • Detailed listings on power Cozmo website
  • Internet advertising
  • Emails shot and direct mail
  • Full-color brochures.
  • Industry publication advertising  Eprint and online
  • social media.

Let power Cozmo bring the buyers to you , Register and list your equipment now.

Costumer Trusted account

Trusted costumer account safe your money. This is how it works:

  • You buy Equipment from Power Cozmo.
  • You transfer the payment to us and we notify the seller.
  • The seller prepares the item for shipping and Power Cozmo send material to you
  • After your receive and inspect the materials we release your money to seller